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Much of our momentum has been from sharing these giveaways online and publicly thanking the generous donors.


When providing payment, please CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US. This is where you can specify if you would like your money to go towards Pizza Kit giveaways, Taco Kit giveaways, or to the general Farmer's Market giveaway. Also, in the email, please include the amount you would like to donate. You are more than welcome to make other requests too, like who you would like us to shout out and thank (include social media links and websites). You can even include a photo of your family or pet, or business logo, or DIY haircut, or whatever!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU in advance for your consideration and generosity!





Hoping to stay afloat after missing out on vital spring break revenue, we decided to re-open for to-go and delivery as allowed by local authorities.

We were approached by generous local businesses (King Systems & Benchmark Mortgage) who not only wanted to buy pizza from us, they wanted to give it away to the people and first responders of Gunnison valley. It was then that we realized our unique position to connect food to the people who need it.

Our giveaways started as DIY pizza kits for families in quarantine, but evolved into taco kits, grocery giveaways, and eventually a totally free "farmer's market," thanks to the help of amazing donors and our wonderful, family-owned food distributor, Shamrock Foods. 

We have collected thousands of dollars from all over the country, and with that money, we have not only been able to keep some of our beloved staff employed, but we have been able to feed our community every day since March 30, 2020. 

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